Turning 40

It happened. I suddenly see it. What seemed so far off not that long ago is suddenly clear and understood. I’m ending. I’m not sure when. I’m not planning on making it happen anytime soon. But it’s there. The end suddenly seems possible.

I don’t bemoan this. I’m actually enjoying this discovery. Somehow knowing it doesn’t last for ever, that time is worth knowing and cherishing is leading to new and better places. It’s exciting not knowing. Liberating to think any action I do, ever moment I spend, is time in my life I’m spending

These are the things I have purchased in my life. Every year ads new value in the experiences I bring. Sometimes I look back and think I wasted a little equity there but in the grand equation it was good. Every wasted moment was me defining me. Crafting oneself can take a lot of thinking. I like to think.

With love to myself. Happy 38th birthday.


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