181221-Flying High

Friday. Last day of xmas editions at work. Drink was needed. And a little gaming. Got into messenger chat with ness, Matt, Michel and for a time Owen. All in group chat with video. Did that later in the evening. Before that, recorded a little Battefield game play.

I’ve put in a disturbing amount of hours into this game. Been playing it since it first came out, almost 10 years ago. I’ve specialisted in this game. If I follow Malcom Gladwell, I’d be considered a master given the time I’ve put in. Except, I’m not really. Most times in game I’m drunk, or near too. This night added in a little weed too. Still managed to get some kills though. Made some rough edits in Adobe Premier rush. Posted to youtube. Hope you enjoy.

Recorded a round in Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

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