New year snowblow 2019

Well it snowed for a new year. Shot some last night. Today it was time to clear it. I guess some time between night and day snow turned to ice. Everything was covered in a stryrofome like covering. Only harder on the outside. Ice snow. About 15-20 cm thick. Heavy that. It took a while. And needed a beer at the end.

The start
Winter disco
Magic hour.

Yet to blow snow. Magic hours yo. Photos first.

This might be useful later.

Ok fine. Time to blow. Table after.

The start
The finish.

A well deserved beer. But the light. End of sunset. Was drawn by the light. Beer went for a walk.

Saw worms.

Dock sunset.

Was too slow. Missed the orange on water and bridge. Another time maybe. Best I got was the end. Still something.

How 2019 begins.

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