The last edition

For me, it was the xmas editions. After that, I wasn’t really there.

The Tribune-Express, January 16 edition.

Seeing it now, this weeks edition, has made real what I’ve known with certainty these past few days. I am not continuing with EAP.

I don’t have to open it to know it was made competently without me. And I’m not bothered by that. Proud really that I worked with such good teams.

I loved the people there, and cared for the company; but I wasn’t content to remain an employee.

I want to invest in myself, my interests. My endeavours. Bert and I can only deal under those terms. For the time being, he cannot accept that.

That’s fine though. I’ll move on to other things. Bigger things, of greater value because they matter to me; and are how I want to invest my time. I seek rewards in life. And the greatest reward is to do the things I love.

I love newspapers.

I enjoyed tremendously working with the people there. Some of them I count as very close, as life long friends. People whom I hope to turn to in the future for consul. Others who just made me laugh, or made the day interesting. We were such a diverse collection of individuals. People, all working towards a common goal: to do everything we can to craft a publication. And we did it, week to week, we achieved this.

And they continue to do so today without me.

I wish them all well. Truly an interesting time. Got a little sour at the end there, but overall was a good experience. But the adventure continues elsewhere.

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