Didn’t just quit a job. Started a new one. Here’s some of the things I enjoy working on.

Photography is a good one. I want to explore a bit more the light. This is where the iPhone has been great. It’s the camera I always have with me. Not a bad one at that. I shot these over the past few days.

Tubby takes a bath in the afternoon sun.
Painterly ford truck.
Hawkesbury Church at sunset.
Chem-trails and the moon. As seen when walking to former workplace
Macro computer sales. Dédé is selling a unused machine.

I went for years without touching a camera. After a disastrous wedding I was paid to shoot, poorly; I allowed my confidence to be shaken to the core. I used to be quite the shutter bug back in the day. Then such a long gap. I think I ran out of subjects. And the confidence to pursue new ones.

No more. Interested in exploring new places. Maybe digging around local businesses. Or bumping into people on walks. Or something involving the business of working. This I want to photograph most.

So I’m going to start reaching out to potential subjects. Offer to take their photograph. At place of work is of most interest to me. But also just simple portraits could be fun. Not too picky to get started so long as I control the creative vision.

Time too. I decide when it’s done. Not the subject. This is not a normal 9-5 job for me. I can’t and won’t be controlled by someone else schedule.

All the same, I’m reasonably efficient. And getting more adept as I relearn what I used to know. The muscles are weak but not atrophied. Just need a little practice to get back up and running.

So be aware when around me I might get the impulse to ask for your portrait. Or to help me create a photo. And if you’re interested in participating let me know. Through social or the contact section of this site, let me know if you’d be interested in having your photograph taken.

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