Music, or something like

So I also like to play piano. Been recording for years into Logic. Thing is, I only ever learned to press record; never how to edit. Anything I present is live. This one is from the remainders of the day.

C major. Live recording.

There have been two pianos in my life. The first was the one I grew up with. It was real. Real strings, real keys. Acoustic. And I learned off it. The second is a Costco special. It’s a midi keyboard, but not the worst. It has some touch. And through the years I have grown to love it too. It’s with this I record.

Today though, most of the black keys are broken. Years of playing in minor keys wore away the sound. I’m forced today into the major. And of all the majors, the one with no flats or sharps. C major. I’m right back where I began, finding middle C, ignoring the blacks, hoping to create something. From there I find the sound.

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