It’s late. Or early morning. Depends on your perspective, but for me it’s end of day. Been busy on a few projects. Mostly around setting up a home business. Plan to be self-employed going forward. Take some research and planning to get that set up.

Anyway, sometimes I play the piano to help me think. Or just process the day. Or just because I enjoy it. It’s a different kind of focus for me. Centered in sound. Trying to find rhythms I suppose. Building soundscapes in a way. Letting notes fall where they may, just kind of making sounds and melodies and rhythms however it comes to me naturally.

So I record live into Logic using a midi keyboard. Most of the time I’m playing the Steinway piano preset. This time I decided to change things up and run the Yamaha piano. Don’t really like the sound, always sounds too clear to me. But it does have it’s strengths when you push the dynamics. Then that clarity helps it from being too muddled when you play a lot of notes rapidly. Was experimenting a bit with that.

Still remain clueless in Logic, so no edits or anything. Just record. I hear the flubbed notes too. Really must learn to use Logic someday so I can edit that out. Also, my keyboard has seen better days. Half the black keys don’t work, so I’m playing white keys only (no sharps or flats). Always good to create with limitations I suppose.

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