Vintage organ.

Old beast of an organ. As found at habitat for humanity store. Think they wanted $100 or so for it. Don’t really remember the price. Let’s say cheap.

This foot driven monstrosity gathers air through bellows to drive brown notes. It’s the singer sewing machine equivalent to instruments, with the player peddling madly to create and hold volume. Most are played in more muted tones to give the player a break.

These things live still. These centuries old instruments still function.

The time will come when this fully analog enlarged accordion will be highly sought after. For now, it is just cheap old junk. Tossed in amongst the tools and furniture and floorings and other miscellaneous parts donated to this charity. It exists as a rarity in these cast-off places.

It had a broken key.

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Newsprint design survivor taking a stroll through a connected world.

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  1. Reminds me of the player piano that used to live in my grandparent’s basement. I cannot tell you how much time I spent pumping with my legs and feet to get through songs from the Early 20th C.

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