Hair style

3 sides, 5 top, or so the hairdresser said when she readied the razor. I’m never really sure what I want done, so I just sort of let the stylists decide. Trust in their professionalism is my thinking, and what I describe to whatever random cutter I get when I walk-in. “Just do whatever you think works, but cut it shorter” is my usual line. The result today was a buzz cut.

Got to thinking, as she quickly maneuvered the clippers through my hair, why am I paying for this? I think I could pick up a clipper with the requisite 3 and 5 spacers for less then the cost of this cut. I have little hair remaining so style is not really an option. That hair dresser did me a favour. All before have made some efforts with the scissors, combing and clipping here and there, making a show of working at something. She, with an electric clipper, just ran around my head and got a similar result. Quickly, almost military style. Preparing recruits to go off to war, or a balding man with little interest in style. Just get it cut.

I think I can do that.

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