History Lessons. Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War

How a war is fought when the people don’t like it. Or, why greater powers now control the news.

Every war after Vietnam has been in exercise in carefully controlling the message the public receives. You can’t report the story if you aren’t there to see it. The powers that be decide where the journalist goes, where they will sit, what they see and how they hear it. This is what they then report to us. Not the story, not the in-depth exploration of the topic, not the possible critique; just the message they want us to hear.

Vietnam is an example of when the machine broke. When budgets and people all aligned to really question the story. A unique phase in history when we actually cared to look further. When the people might actually question their governments, corporate overlords, powers-that-be. We lost that today. If it ever really lived it died here.

This war taught our powers a lesson. Always control the message. Send the dummies to fight the war.

YouTube Video describing the use of low-IQ troops in the Vietnam war.

“McNamara’s Moron Core” as it was know in it’s day. Even the military didn’t want this. These people were beyond stupid. At a five year olds level kind of thing. Precious, probably kind people; but in no way mentally equipped to fight a war. A way to put fresh blood into the war when too many others are unwilling.

The educated and privileged get deferments from the draft. The poor and dull get conscripted. Powerless. Vegetables for the blender. Cannon fodder. When the masses start to question, get out of line, you dig for the dregs before you reach up. Politically it is required that the poor should hurt first. The least able should be the first to fall. Send the pawns in. Protect the rook, cherish the bishop, guard the king. The pieces on the chessboard fall into place.

What is your station? Are you in the middle class? Or think you are working 40+ hour work weeks. Are weekends a thing or is there no end to weeks? Everyday is just a day, and worries and wonders over bills, and taxes, and just things being purchasable, are non existent for you. Hello rich person, can you spare a few dollars?

Most of us are working for money. For a means with which to support ourselves. It might be a gig that makes you famous, it might be a low end factory job. For a whole lot of us we’re just trying to survive in the system. To feed ourselves, keep sheltered and maybe have a little fun. But that system decides your standing by how much money you have.

How many zeros follow a number in your bank account. That is your class. Your position on the board. Billionaires are not fighting in wars. They are fighting for wars.

War is profit. For the very rich, that is their effort. Not to send their sons and daughters, but to be the builders, orchestrators of destruction. To fund the machines of death. To develop ever stronger weapons. To control and obliterate the masses. To keep us under, and obliged, like the chess pieces we are. All must protect the king. From dollars and cents we made him.

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