#COVID19 — or a recipe to fight zombies


I don’t really want to talk about it. Enough to say it exists and is happening. But what this means, for the population; I really can not say. 

I am sure the social networks are storming. Reticent to even look. It’s bad, I’m sure. Millions of voices, screaming.

Here come the zombies

We all want the zombie apocalypse. Our movies, our shows. It’s always the popular choice. We’re preprogrammed to fear the death of civilization. Nothing sells like scary. Zombies, and the epidemics that bring them, are the ultimate fear. 

It always starts with an outbreak…

We’ve all got it in us, this cultural insight to freak-out at even the slightest sign of zombies. We know where this leads. Desperation. Desolation. A wiped out populous. Brain dead and half eaten corpses that are some how still moving. Those remaining struggling to survive in a world thats gone crazy and the dead don’t die. Always preparing for the next wave of brain eating monsters.

Beans. Thats the thing.

When planning for the end days, (which in modern living is staying homebound for two weeks, possibly longer), one must plan for food and necessities. Like toilet paper, and bottled water. These things are good. Nice to have. 

But beans. Good old fashion, bags of dried beans. Get plenty of that. That shit will keep you going.

Recipe idea interlude:

Get the bone from a pork roast that is begging to be made a broth and throw it with a bunch of navy beans and water. Cook it up till a nice batch of beans are formed. Done in the pressure cooker. No pre-soaking bullshit. Fast in about an hour. Just shove it in, pour some water, thrown in a bone and go. 

SALT. Almost forgot to say salt. Not only is it needed in the recipe formulating up there (as well as… onion maybe, big fat chunks, roughly cut, in you go. Dare I say a few root vegetables. Have I got a garlic? Could it be spaced out into a lovely bean and pork soup? Will see. Cooking later.) But salt. The essential ingredient in most cooking. The seasoning, needed most everywhere. Better make sure you have some of that too. 

Back to beans.

Yes, they make you fart. But that’s just a sign of pleasure. A well cooked bean is a triumph in taste in texture. With just the right touch of ingredients; (and salt, we must never forget the salt), our beans can come out spectacular. They are ready to catch any and all influences. Spices and peppers, herbs, and what have you. It all blends wonderfully with a beans natural taste. 

Flexible too. Have them creamy, or baked, or in a thick sauce. Make it light, and cheerful, and protect their natural shape. Be amazed at how the dried beans swells up when cooked. Be reminded 2-cups of beans is a lot for two people. Unless you have a freezer, and the willingness to make it fit. 

It is a robust meal, all the same. A bean is chock-full of essential vitamins and nutrients, proteins and what have you. It is a meal onto itself. Paired with a rice, or served with potatoes, in a salad or just had as is. The are ready and waiting to become a main dish. 

The bean. The humble servant to the apocalypse. Portable and ready to go at a moments notice. Cooked from a can readied by the fire. Lashed to donkeys in giant bags as you retreat to the mountains. Beans are good everywhere. 

Stay safe out there. Bring a bean, just to be sure.

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