Some changes are in order

Number 1 is expectations. This isn't a polished review. This is incomplete thoughts. Posts that are unfinished. Rough drafts. Blurry photos. Unfinished pieces of music. Just a smattering of whatever, whenever. There will be an effort, someday, to sort this shit out. Give category, and reason for why each post should exist. Maybe identify some … Continue reading Some changes are in order

Oh damn, it was just too easy to stop

But Margaret Atwood told me I should just write, in a YouTube video ad. Somehow cars became words. She said write, so I did. Ugggggggggggg. And the need to agonize over every phrase, and the need to have a conjunction, a pause, a break; something other than just words, and punctuation. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Just stop. Words … Continue reading Oh damn, it was just too easy to stop