Chronicles of a day – April 4

7:37 a.m. Alarm sounds. The title of the alarm is "get shit done". I hit snooze once. Up just before second run. Washroom, make coffee, brush teeth. I’m sitting before my computer by 8:03. Now what. 8:12 a.m. Coffee machine beeps : time for first coffee and cigarette. I brew 10 cups of coffee each … Continue reading Chronicles of a day – April 4


Set temperature here. Working past 5 is a risky endeavour. By 6 it starts to get cold. By 7 you start to get frozen. By 7:45 you’ve had enough and leave. Graphics has it’s own heating system to ensure proper temperature and humidity levels for the imagesetter. Bert has control with his smartphone.

181213-181218: Xmas week 1. The weekend.

Friday, the breakdown. Starting to scroll lists. Am I losing control. Or just tired. Just smoked a joint so probably a combination of both. Decisions ... shortly before... It was a long day at work. Zero sleep the night before. And indeed, limited quantities the days before that. Difficult week in what we call the … Continue reading 181213-181218: Xmas week 1. The weekend.